as a drummer, composer and arranger for many years in the studio and live business, a diploma from the Music Academy for Education and Performing Arts (Frankfurt / Main), as well as a degree at the Berklee College of Music (Boston), make the multi-instrumentalist a specialist in Jazz, rock, pop and musicals.


The experienced musician is the author and composer of four full-length musicals.

He sees his field of activity as a multi-layered artist who values the most diverse

Working on musical genres and passing on one's knowledge as a lecturer and coach.


"Everyone has heard him on some recording.

He has recorded hundreds of productions - at that time still long-playing records

and lots of hit singles that were cemented in first place for weeks, not just in Germany "

(Quote from Sticks 04.2009)


When he's not on tour with the German cult NDW show "Ich will Spass", Bernd records drum tracks for other artists in his home studio, gives virtual lessons and works on his new alter ego project "Lee Drummer".




hit singles (excerpt)